The meaning of the word “Phigenics” relates to the Founders’ vision: Optimizing operational efficiency and improving safety in building water systems produces balanced systems that save money and enhance quality of life.

The word “Phigenics” is a combinational play on the word “phi” (we also use the symbol for phi, φ, in our logo and the suffix “-genics”. φ refers to an optimized system in which components are continuously in balance. It has been called “The Golden Mean”, “The Golden Section” or “The Divine Proportion”. Discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians, this ratio, φ, shows up in a bewildering and amazing diversity of balanced systems. One of the most interesting aspects of φ is its relation to probability and risk. The Italian mathematician, Fibonacci, is credited with first describing the predictive value of numbers. The ratio of numbers in the famous Fibonacci series approaches the numerical value of φ. His work established the basis for what has become the science of risk analysis and risk management.

The suffix “-genics” means “producing, forming or causing to produce or form”. For example, biogenic means “produced from a biological source” and photogenic means “suitable for production by photography”. Telegenic refers to something produced to be attractive for viewing on television and pathogenic refers to something that produces disease.

Thus, Phigenics is all about using the predictive power of risk management processes to produce for our clients balanced systems that optimize safety and operational efficiency.