NAPERVILLE, IL — August 21, 2014 — The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Healthcare System of Ohio (VISN 10) and Southwest Health Care Network (VISN 18) have awarded contracts to Phigenics, LLC, a pioneer in preventing disease and injury caused by bacteria and other hazards in building water. Phigenics will work directly with VHA Facility Water Safety Committees to help develop and implement their Legionella disease (LD) Prevention Plans, and provide independent verification and validation of engineering controls, as specified in the statements of work. Work is to commence immediately.

The scope of work follows the new VA Directive “Prevention of Healthcare-AssociatedLegionella Disease and Scald Injury from Potable Water Distribution Systems,” which is in alignment with NSF International educational course “HACCP For Building Water Systems.”

Phigenics provides independent expert guidance to healthcare, hospitality, education, food & beverage, retail and government facilities to defensibly ensure water systems are safe, protect capital assets, and reduce operational expense. Phigenics does not sell water treatment chemicals. To learn more about Phigenics Smart Water Management services and our annual leadership summit go to and