Phigenics does not sell water treatment products. Instead, we provide independent, well-informed, up-to-date, expert guidance on all matters related to water. Good water management requires aligning interests; but your interests should be foremost. Typically, the providers of water treatment chemicals represent their employers' product offerings. That's why they are referred to as "sales reps". They are in your facility to pursue increased water treatment chemical and other product sales.

Decisions about managing water cost-efficiently must begin with safety top of mind. We collaborate with you to facilitate the development of your water management program and guide you toward making the best decisions for your water systems. Defensibility is key – your decisions are backed by the comprehensive documentation and robust data of your Phigenics water management program. With Phigenics, you can rest assured that you are implementing options that are the simplest, safest, least expensive and least burdensome in meeting regulatory requirements.

Dr. William McCoy,
Phigenics CTO